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Our History

 It was in 1915 that Willis H. Slane, Sr. sold a flourishing machine shop and foundry business and turned to what he saw as a brighter field; hosiery manufacturing. This was the origin of Slane Hosiery Mills located in High Point, NC. Through the years, we have steadily grown from our modest beginnings to our current position as one of the nation’s leading hosiery manufacturers. We set ourselves apart by our customer service, innovative processes, and “American Made” quality. These attributes were obvious to Phil Knight, founder of Blue Ribbon Sports, when he visited our facility in the 70’s. He was looking for a sock manufacturer, and we agreed to partner with him. Blue Ribbon Sports later became what we now know as NIKE.


In addition to Nike, we also run the largest wool sock program in the world, Kirkland Signature® by Costco. We are a unique blend of rich history with modern relevancy. Though we have vastly expanded our operations, we remain connected to our roots in High Point, NC. Updating our online presence, adding valuable partnerships, and growing with existing accounts will define our success for years to come.


  • 1000 Lonati Knitting Machines 
  • Seamless Toe Closure
  • Streamlined Automation
  • On-site R&D
Although we are over 100 years old, we are not stuck in the past. We are always changing and adapting quickly to meet industry demands. This mindset will guarantee we remain a leading manufacturer in the hosiery industry. 
Two employees checking the quality of socks
Employee inspecting the automatic folding machine.


  • Water Reclamation Program
  • Partner with Smartwool 2nd Cut Project           
  • Recycle Manufacturing Waste                                         
  • WRAP Certified                       
  • GMP Certified 
  • HIGG Certified  

The future of the earth depends on our ability to take care of it. At Slane, we do our part by sourcing quality materials, running efficient operations, and recycling everything that we can.

Socks ready to be pulled out of a bailer