Slane Hosiery Mills

Women's Wool Socks

What We Do

We design and manufacture socks. Sounds fun right? At Slane Hosiery Mills, we create style and comfort with a focus on functionality. Our processes have been fine tuned with over 100 years of domestic manufacturing experience. We are committed to providing jobs for
our community and manufacturing high quality socks.

A couple employees inspecting a sock knitting machine.

“Go beyond just creative thinking. Guide that effort towards innovative action.”

JP Wright - President / Coo

How We Do It

We do it by working as a team and investing in our future. We
engage our culturally diverse workforce as we research upcoming trends.
Utilizing advanced technology in automation we are able to streamline our production
processes for maximum efficiencies. Our on-site R&D lab stays busy
making samples and brings new ideas to life every day.

Why We Do It

It's our passion! We make socks because we love to make socks, and we are really good at it. Our extensive background and rich history of producing socks demonstrates our ability
to create superior products with you in mind.