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AMS-SCARLETT-2I2-3G: AMS-SCARLETT-SOLO-3G: UM2: Studio 24c: Compare with similar items. The Focusrite iTrack Solo (£86.54) is a two-channel USB interface for iPad and PC/MAC. Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording. Focusrite SCARLETT-4I4-3RD-GEN 4 In/4 Out USB Interface 4.7 out of 5 stars 13,163. If you do any recording or are looking to do any recording then you probably have seen a lot of recommendations for an audio interface. It is no use to get it as a DAC only device as its performance can easily be bested by many other consumer DACs. The Audient ID4 is yet another viable option if you want to buy the best audio interface for FL Studio. Shure SM 7 B. Audient iD14 USB Audio Interface 4.5 out of 5 stars 297. If you think the Focusrite Scarlett sounds decent, wait till you listen to the Audient interfaces. It operates at 24-bit/96kHz and has two analogue inputs – one mic amp with phantom power and one instrument. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 17. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Audient iD4 . Audient iD4 ~$199. AUDIENT ID14 MK2 . Add to Cart. Sounds most like analog than any other ADC interface I've used. Audient iD14/iD22/iD44 – From $299.00. The Audient iD4 is a basic USB audio interface unit that’s going to appeal to those who want to be able to record at the. He features frequency response, distortion, dynamic range, equivalent input noise and the gain range for the XLR inputs. Customer Service 800.221.5743 or 212.239.7765. I’m on my 3rd Focusrite, a Clarett 4Pre Thunderbolt (the previous 2, which I’d used from 2006, were FireWire, which I can’t use any more), so obviously I like Focusrite kit, and the Clarett is giving great results currently. The Audient line-up of interfaces features Audient’s console microphone preamp and the JFET DI built in. The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a two-in/two-out audio interface that supports sample rates of up to 192kHz. It seems to handle a hotter signal, and it’s much richer and fuller. Share This Post post-13425137. Both brands offer solid build quality with metal casings and knobs. The Audient iD4 targets getting 16 bit audio right and in just about every measurement it does that with some headroom left. Am I right? However, the studio devilry is in the detail: Audient has really thought about everything with value and usability in mind, making what is a budget solution feel anything but inexpensive. Pros of the Audient iD4. It's unbelievable, and worth every penny. By the way, you mean the second generation for Scarlett 2i2. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. For a quick overview of the perks and downfalls read on and you’ll soon have a better idea of which interface is best for you. Audient iD4. 649 AED. Winner: Tie. Scarlett Solo is designed to stand up to days on the road and connects straight to your Mac® or PC via USB cable, with no external power required. Has the detail of Black Lion Audio ADC to my ears with a quality analog path. If you only need one mic pre and want to save a few bucks, check out the Focusrite Scarlett Solo G3. $209.99 $ 209. Sort: Clear All. Add at least two items to compare. 3023 . Ditto for its headphone output. AUDIENT ID4 MK2 . Have a question? We are the only company that use the same class-A mic pre design throughout our entire product range, whether you're in the studio with an Audient console or on the road with iD14, you're always guaranteed the same world … Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your request. Had enough of ‘budget’ audio interfaces and ready to venture into world-class sound quality? Audient released the iD4 and Focusrite released 2nd generation Scarlett interfaces, which includes six different models with varying levels of inputs and outputs.. Last month I posted a review of the 2nd gen Scarlett 2i2, along with a comparison review between the 1st gen 2i4.. Here is a photo of the Scarlett Solo 2G being used with an AB tester box to test amps for QC before they are shipped. Intro. 2. Scarlett IOS Interfaces Octopre Software Focusrite Pro Interface Finder Support Get started Downloads Help centre Contact Support Register A Product Explore Interface finder Who we are News and Events Sign up for Focusrite emails Plug-in Collective If you only need 1 microphone preamp and care about portability, the Audient iD4 might be for you. You could look into the world of audiophile DACs but I don't know how the latency would be for music production. 65 AED. Build Quality. The outstanding ASP880 preamp. 144.83 € 1005 . [GEAR] Audio Interface Comparison - Audient vs. Focusrite vs. Behringer . Winner: Focusrite Scarletts. I have a Scarlett box and Audient iD14 and prefer the Audient box hands down. Focusrite Scarlett Solo, 2i2, 18i20, Tascam US 2x2; PreSonus iOne, iTwo; Steinberg UR22 ii, UR12; Line6 UX1, UX2; Reply Quote 2. Audient iD4 vs Audient iD14 : Pros and Cons. The new iD4 is the smallest and least complex member of Audient’s iD range of USB computer audio interfaces. Inputs/Outputs. The Audient iD4 aims to bring you big studio-console sound in a compact interface equipped with one Audient console mic preamp, a JFET instrument input for harmonically rich guitar recordings, and class-leading digital conversion. Millenium MS 2003. Audient iD4 High-Performance USB Audio Interface with R100 Stereo Headphones and XLR-XLR Cable. Compact enough to take anywhere. The Audient iD4 is, quite simply, the best USB audio interface we’ve seen at this price for a long time. CDN$333.01. Back to Product List. 4.6 out of 5 stars 13. Focusrite ‘Scarlett 2i2’ The Scarlett 2i2 could almost be considered a modern classic, exhibiting the bright signature red (scarlet) color of the Focusrite and seamlessly integrating beautiful design and intuitive functionality. This, along with the EVO 4, have got to be my favorite. Contact Us. The Scarlett solo is tried and true, but you might find yourself missing that extra mic pre down the line if you ever want to mic up your guitar and sing at the same time. The Audient pre's sound more like quality console pre's with more clarity and detail. The Audient iD Range: iD4, iD14, iD22 & iD44. 11% bought Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen: 366 AED: 11% bought Behringer U-Phoria UMC22: 165 AED: 9% bought Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD: 259 AED: Our most popular USB Audio Interfaces: Compare Products : Related Products. Since then, Audient’s small team have grown the iD family to include the single channel iD4, the solid yet ultra portable iD14 and the desktop master that is the iD44. After using it to record a chapter of an audiobook I'm working on, I couldn't help but notice how much smoother the sound quality actually is. Audient iD4 vs Scarlett Video Comparison. Audient’s compact iD4 interface offers a lot of bang for pleasingly little buck. IMO the best minimalistic interface these days with good audio quality without breaking the bank is the Audient iD4. $399.00. Sale Bestseller No. Of course, some of this is subjective. Focusrite has always made a show of their mic-preamp technology and has included its latest Scarlett preamps in this third generation 2i2 interface. Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools |... $139.99 $109.99. It also handles transients faster to my ears. 14.57 € 3366 . Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 17. Audient ID4 Shop now at Amazon Focusrite ... suggested Focusrite Scarlett Solo Apogee Duet Audient iD14 Steinberg UR22 Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Steinberg UR12 RME BabyFace Pro Universal Audio Arrow M-Audio M-Track 2X2 Apogee One. suttisak.nga last edited by suttisak.nga @Joe Kuo. The new Audient iD4 is part of the Audient’s iD range of USB powered audio interfaces. In short though, it works as a great DAC. The Scarletts are class-compliant audio interfaces. 4. Read our full Audient iD4 review 343.10 € 7156 . The professional sound you deserve. Only 3 left in stock. Reply Quote 0. In addition to the included USB cable, in order to connect your Scarlett to an iPad, you will need: A powered USB hub (to power the device. Live Chat . It is suitable for solo musicians recording their music at home or on the go using iOS devices, Mac as well as Windows PC. Current portable setup: Cayin N3 // XRKaudio NHB Pocket Class A // KZ ZS5v1 with silver cables. This rugged interface is ready to travel, too, with support for iOS devices as well as for your Mac or PC. No items to compare. The Evo4 is new and has some pretty cool extra features, and likely sounds just as good as the Scarlett. So PreSonus Studio 24c, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $199 Audient iD4, as seen on the chart below. I thought I'd go the Audient route 'cos the Eo 4 has two inputs for only a tenner more than the Scarlett Solo. I think I'd probably prefer the build quality of the Focusrite - there's a lot of (good quality) plastic on this, but that's the only real downside I can see. This interface is comparable to the Focusrite Scarlett Solo in terms of the quality of its preamp. Back in 2013 the team at Audient launched their first small form-factor audio interface the iD22. 00. However, the ID14 is slightly different. Some buyers even think the ID4 sounds better! Audient ID4 vs Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Product description Colour:10-In/4-Out. BUY A FOCUSRITE SCARLETT 2i2 G3 HERE. Read More » Best Selling Audio Interfaces. This means that it can use the core audio driver built into iOS. 1 Reply Last reply . Audient iD4 Votes: 49 24.0% Steinberg UR22 MK2 Votes: 50 24.5% Roland Rubix22 Votes: 24 11.8% ... Focusrite Scarlett Solo and 2i2 2nd and 3rd gen, native or Instruments Komplete 1 and 2. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo (APLTWDII) 4.6 out of 5 stars 197. The main thing you want to decide is whether or not you’re okay with only having one mic preamp on your interface. Add to Cart. We at Audient take your privacy very seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and provide technical support and other services you have requested from us. $799.00 $ 799. CDN$205.00. … 1 Reply Last reply . Both inputs are of the mic/line/instrument variety. Applies to: Scarlett Solo, 2i2, 2i4, 4i4. Below is a breakdown of the pros and the cons of each of these Audient audio interfaces. Audient iD4 vs iD14: Which Interface Should You Choose? Add to Wish List Add to Compare. When I was in the market for an interface I remember reading that the smaller Audient ID4 could use USB power exclusively because it had lower grade converters or perhaps because it has one input channel only, or something like that, can't remember. Focusrite SCARLETT-SOLO-3RD-GEN USB Audio Interface 4.7 out of 5 stars 13,163. beyerdynamic … M-Audio Both feel very sturdy and well made, so there’s no clear winner here. Bestseller No. Buy on Amazon. We will not share your information with any companies outside of Audient Ltd unless a third party service center is required to implement a repair or service. Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) £150. @joe-kuo. 99. 1,535 AED. It comes with all the software tools you need to get started, including two comprehensive digital audio workstations: Ableton® Live Lite™ and Pro Tools® First Focusrite Creative Pack. CDN$400.61. It ships with Ableton Live Lite 8 and Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in-Suite. Popular comparisons. FYI, I recorded based on Windows. I have 3 interfaces, including the Focusrite Scarlett Solo and the Audient EVO 4. Follow me on Instagram. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. Sadfully no further measurements on the outputs, yet. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that PreSonus Studio 24c is a more popular audio interface, based on its 300+ reviews. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. Impressive audio quality. After using the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for many years, and spending the last few months with a Behringer UMC204HD - I took the plunge on an Audient ID22. It's … The iD4 comes with two distinct inputs including one microphone and line input, a combination of XLR or jack connector and a switchable phantom power of 48V. I've heard past Audient Windows drivers were not great but so far I've had zero issues. While not officially tested or supported, we would expect the Scarletts to work with an iPad. It comes equipped with a professional grade Class A preamp for capturing clear, defined vocals. 1. For a budget audio interface, that is all you want to get: honest 16 bit performance. Print Email. Other features that … Thank you so much. Next.
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