I prefer a clip or drop point, and they are a bit more versatile. I really like my bekker fixed blade, companion model as a general purpose hunting and skinning.. I agree with Mark Wynn, where whatever was in the authors drawer magically became the best survival knives available. The square spine makes it easy to strike ferrous rods and sends sparks flying outward. However, just because you see some random letters and numbers – doesn’t mean that is good steel. Batoning wood is a tough task and requires a sturdy knife. Scabbards for the Ka-Bar come in plain leather that’s a bit old school, but effective. Air Force Survival knife by Ontario and the new SP2 version are great options. Every Gerber product has a story to tell. Morakniv carbon. Das Gerber LMF II ist ein Allzweckwerkzeug, mit dem man sich durch so gut wie jede Materie durcharbeiten kann. It performs well for heavy duty tasks, and adequately for small tasks. He is interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at the range. Here are a few types of steel that are common and well made that you can trust at a glance. Afterall, this knife is about as attractive as an M1 Abrams tank. Fixed blade knives are built for work. This is a straightforward one, full tang or go home. Should your blade be serrated or straight? It's one of my favorites. Anything too aggressively textured may give you hot spots while you are working. purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. This is a classic fixed blade knife that isn’t trying to revolutionize the standard military style survival knife. The Paraframe Mini emerges as the hands-down winner in this category if you’re looking for an affordable / low-cost Gerber knife.. Upon close examination, the handle on our StrongArm had a consistent texture and a nice feel. Knives have tons of different grip materials and styles. The multi-mount sheath allows you to carry this knife is any way you see fit. Gerber LMF from the Gerber site site: •Overall Length: 10.59" •Blade Length: 4.84" •Weight: 11.4 oz. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. I have to say the knife is amazing for a work knife. Let’s talk the pros and cons of various features you’ll find on a survival knife’s blade. This thread is archived. Tops knives has a number of knives that fit the bill. It gets the job done and does what it was designed to do. From trimming limbs off trees to clearing a place to sleep. Let us know in the comments! Why? A Western W49 Bowie, a big knife that I bought new for my last tour in Vietnam. The Ka-Bar has a pretty defined clip point that gives the knife a nice belly for deep slashes or skinning game. With the BMF (first made in 1986) being a big knife there was demand for a similar design but smaller. You're correct, however, that carbon steels tend to take finer edges than stainless does. Written by Blade HQ Staff Writer Logan Rainey on 11/13/2019. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. If you want to “buy once, cry once” then this is the knife for you. Even more than my beloved Ka-Bar (blasphemy, I know). The only time I really struggled with the knife on my back was when I was seated. But man, is it tuff. Gerber Prodigy vs Strongarm vs LMF II? The hammer substitute is often another piece of wood being used to drive the blade through the limbs. Besides the built in sharpener (it’s good, I’ve sharpened kitchen knives successfully with it) the sheath has attachments designed for molle straps and an alice pack. On the other hand, Gerber LMF 2 has a combo edge with both fine and serrated parts. Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. David. They are perfect for precise cutting. This knife by itself would probably only get a 4/10 in the carry-ability category. There isn’t a significant requirement I’d give as a checklist for one type of grip or grip material. With these tasks in mind, how do you find a knife to satisfy each one? I’ve nearly worn the finish off of one of them, so I gladly grabbed another. I like your choices, but maybe it should have been 5 knives with the addition of the Bark River Bravo 1. For a sub-$100 knife, the Gerber StrongArm is surprisingly well finished. [Review]. Does anyone out there have any experience with it? But when you look a little deeper, both have some key differences which make them perfectly suited for different buyers. This knife features a full tang blade with an injection molded polymer handle. I love my K-bars, 5 stars. With all due respect, I think you have your knife steel sharpening qualities backwards. In terms of fixed blades it’s actually somewhat small. Though the coating on this knife wears over time, it provides ample corrosion resistance for the blade. For a budget fixed blade knife, I was pleased with the materials. Ready to chop Redwoods down. share. Zeller, Marlin "Clearing Up Confusion in the Different Types of Gerber LMF II Knives - ASEK vs Infantry vs Survival." Before we depart, let’s go ahead and talk a minute about what to avoid. The Garberg is Morakniv’s first full tang knife, and it’s made for the outdoors. To the untrained eye, both knives look pretty much identical. Rocking a full tang 4-inch blade made from 1095 high carbon steel. What about Glock Field Knife Fixed Blade? What’s the best survival knife? Despite its size, it was very easy to carry. Go on youtubes and watch edge retention tests of different steels as well as torture tests.. corrosion tests too. Its modular design and overall quality are better than what most other sheaths have. However, the edges are a little more challenging to sharpen, and you loose straight blade cutting space. Knives are just like guns... buy once cry once is the way you want to go.... there are some decent knives on the list like kabar or i think esse is probably good but where i live they would rust so i never bought one. Comparison of Gerber StrongArm vs GerberGear Prodigy (22-41121) Hunting Knives. First I love k bar but my favorite edc that makes a good survival knife is a bg gerber ultimate pro (old design solid )I’m a little embarrassed to admit that as it’s kind of a commercial choice but with a true full tang hammer back(Solid to blade not the bolt on) square spine about a 5.5 in blade and almost 1/4 in thick I’ll admit when I got this knife I traded for it and I got it to kill it I have thrown it like a baseball, split wood And used it to cook on a cast iron it has started many fires for me and now 5 years later I can’t kill the thing so I love it. If it can’t handle these, it has no business calling itself a “survival knife”. I've always read and heard good things about SOG knives, but personally the 4 I've owned sucked. But…I disagree with that philosophy when it comes to knives. The LMF II is designed to take on any task you come across in combat and survival situations. Second, the StrongArm is about an inch shorter than the LMF II making it much easier to carry and maneuver in sticky situations. However, it never slipped so maybe they are on to something. I used this knife both gloved and un-gloved and it was great either way. gerber lmf 2 vs strongarm. Whether you’re someone who camps occasionally or someone prepping for deployment, the Gerber StrongArm is a versatile knife that can tackle anything from prepping fire making materials to hand-to-hand combat. If you want something bad ass get CPM 3v, M4, or something forged. On a survival knife, you should want an excellent full grip. The grip is textured with a series of small diamonds and is soft and comfortable. The LMF II on the other hand is a beast weighing in at 24 ounces. A survival knife is expected to be able to handle a lot more jobs than your average knife. The grip is very well rounded and feels very comfortable in hand. The Gerber StrongArm also comes with an outstanding sheath system that gives a few options for carrying. Someone mentioned the Becker series and I say, fine survival knives each and every one. You can feel the difference with a stroke of your thumb. The 420 HC blade performs as it should. If you’re looking for a great fixed blade knife built to take a beating while also being easy to carry and maneuver, this is it! Semper Fi!! I’ll answer all of them so by the end you’ll know the best knife for your end-use and budget. Clearing Up Confusion in the Different Types of Gerber LMF II Knives - ASEK vs Infantry vs Survival EzineArticles.com. The Ka-Bar is on the large size of survival knives with a 7-inch blade and an 11.75-inch overall length. For starters, the StrongArm is simply more compact and weighs in at 7.2 ounces. It has a solid belly for deep slices and a rock solid point for deep stabs. What makes a survival knife? Knives wear out, period. The LMF II Infantry is a survival knife that has been field tested by the troops and designed with the help of Jeff Freeman. It meets the standard while maintaining durability and affordability. Even more … Gerber LMF II Review Wrap Up. By using this site, you accept our. Gerber overall was one of the best around until some years back they began a slide in the 90s that has brought them down to be pretty much an example of "you get what you pay for". Shelling out $200 bucks on a knife might not be the best investment when other amazing survival knives can be had for less than half the price. Excellent knife. Fixed blades are the way to go for survival knives. When I got it, I thought it so beautiful I've never used it. Well, it is the legendary Marine issue combat knife, and I am a Marine. You do not pay anything extra and your If you are cool with low end steels check out TOPS BOB fire craft (or something like that). The Gerber StrongArm has 4.8 inch fixed blade made from 420 HC steel, is 9.8 inches overall, weighs 7.2 ounces and is proudly made in the United States. This blade has outperformed every expectation I have for a blade. Because it’s not an expensive knife compared to other fixed blade knives, there’s less stress involved in really beating on the knife and putting it to good use. He currently teaches concealed carry courses and enjoys spending time in Florida’s Nature Coast. I did bring my favorite Ka-Bar, and this knife has been everywhere I have. Get proficient on YOUR time. Blade companies use so many different types of steel, and each has different steel that can be only a little different from the next in its composition. The StrongArm is a very good all round knife which can be relied upon in any terrain at any time. That said, I find your general advice, and your review of the four knives, solid. It was hard enough to chop with, but soft enough that I could put a quick edge on it to keep working with it. Don’t get me wrong…these kinds of knives are pretty cool…but they are not for survival. The knife is well made, durable and performs better than some knives at higher price points. It's a matter of design. I know you have the ESEE 4 listed, but my choice would have been the ESEE 6. The mid-range 420 HC stainless steel blade holds up well to chopping and batoning. This is why Gerber has invested heavily in research to ensure that its combat and survival knives are light and compact. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the 420 HC from Gerber used for this knife. The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife has a quite wide blade that is 4.84 inches long and 3/16s of an inch thick and the overall length of the knife from the tip of the blade to the bottom is 10.59 inches. We’ll start with the first requirement being the knife is a fixed blade only. New comments cannot be … It also uses a rat tail tang, meaning the steel in the handle is thinner than the blade.