You can enjoy the river views from the Buda Castle, the Fisherman’s Bastion or from a wide range of city boat trips and cruises Please note that your locker features a number in chalk. I have read it is not a separated bath during the night, is that right? Is any bath open till morning? One of the best activities in Budapest is visiting the beautiful baths and enjoying a relaxing time while soaking in the healing thermal water. if you are not in Budapest during the weekend, the only option is indeed to go to Rudas Bath is a Tuesday. Have a lovely time in Budapest! The company has over 1,000 employees - each of us waited this day to come so badly," Szechenyi Spa Baths spokeswoman Szilvia Czinege said. Also, is swimwear permitted? Take a towel, thongs and a bathing cap. Now they have a chance to relish the pools as they used to be. Are the baths open between January 3rd – January 8th? Which bath you choose is a matter of taste and what exactly you’re looking for – be it fun in the whirlpools, a muscle-melting massage or a hangover cure. Szechenyi Baths Budapest Winter – David Almeida Photography. Many of the thermal baths are simply 'not recommended' for children under 14 - too hot, or not shallow enough, etc. Lukacs Bath: 10 am – 10 pm Lukács Thermal Bath, situated a stone’s throw from Margaret Bridge, is notable not least for its low-key vibe and affordable price point. Yes, the baths will be open as usual. We can confirm, that Gellert Spa and Szechenyi Bath will be open as normal. Do you know if and what baths are open these days. I always reccomend the Rudacs Bath… Széchenyi Thermal Baths. However, still today, there is so much confusion and outdated information about these great places. There are 15 indoor thermal pools (water temperatures up to 40°C) and three outdoor pools, including an activity pool with whirlpool. Take a towel, thongs and a bathing cap. Lukacs Bath is one of the historical thermal bath houses in Budapest, which is free to visit if you have a Budapest Card. Beijing ICP prepared NO.16065310-3, Budapest's thermal baths reopen after longest closure in history. The outdoor baths are open from June to mid-September. August 21, 2016 is a Sunday, so also weekend opening hours are apply. Not only the indoor, but also the outdoor pools are open in winter . Budapest is the City of Baths with 118 natural thermal springs. I have a question regarding open hours during Christmas time. Required fields are marked *. Hello, My friends and I are going to Budapest for New Year and we want to go for a Therme in Budapest..Eleven of us is going, soo we need the information, is there any of thermal baths that ll be opened on New Years day (January 1). Other Baths (such as Szechenyi and Gellert) are co-ed every day of the week. (The sauna world is not available during night bathing.) Read more: Frankfurt Airport launches COVID-19 walk-in test center for passengers, Read more: Belgium's robots helping Europe combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Copyright © 2020 CGTN. Basically, Szechenyi Bath is the only thermal bath in Budapest that is open until very late on a daily basis. The thermal waters were first documented by the Romans in the 2nd century. Thank you. So pack your togs. Budapest's collection of thermal bath complexes, including the iconic Rudas baths and Szechenyi Spa Baths, have been closed since March. 06.00 – 14.00. Some of the baths arrange special programs. It was the only closure since the neo-baroque style Szechenyi Spa Baths opened in 1913, and regulars are delighted that its doors are open again. I’ve listed the 5 main baths of Budapest. Budapest Spas- The Thermal Baths in Budapest The thermal spas in Budapest are some of the grandest baths in Europe and are renowned throughout the world for their therapeutic effects. They offer a dozen pools including giant slides, a wave pool, hot baths, thermal baths and saunas in a park with an area of 75,000 m2. Kiraly Bath is open all week. The outdoor baths are open from June to mid-September. The Times Square of thermal baths. Here are some highlights of Budapest Thermal Baths. Hello, so if it is possible to know the differences and what is your recomandation, Please, find more information following these links: I was wondering which of the different baths have the best night party experience for young teenagers. I hope things have changed in that time…Surely they must have done and it maybe the great experience but still I would never ever return..The memory of that first experience is still with me.. Dear Mr Mark Rimmel, thank you for sharing your views. Budapest Thermal Baths. Hi, The baths are open to both men and woman on Saturday and Sunday, women on Tuesdays, and men the rest of the week. Many of the thermal baths in Budapest are century-old, most importantly the Turkish baths, like the Kiraly Bath, Rudas Bath or Veli Bej Bath (the former Kaiser Bath or Császárfürdő). yes, all the thermal baths in Budapest will be open during the Easter weekend including Rudas Baths (operating on a mix gender on Easter Monday instead of a men only setting), Szechenyi, Gellert, Lukacs, etc. Two of Budapest's famous thermal bath complexes have reopened four months after the COVID-19 pandemic forced their closure. Speaking is certainly not forbidden, but unless you’re in an outdoor area of a bathhouse complex, do keep conversations low. Szechenyi baths is a bucket list item for tourists to Budapest - there were 1.5 million visitors here last year. Budapest's famous thermal baths have been closed for four months since lockdown measures were introduced in Hungary at the start of the pandemic but have now reopened again./CGTN. Date 27.12. Often crowded - come early or late. Hi, i m comming the 30th december and i want to know if these baths are open 31 dec and 1-2 january , and also i don t know how to choose betewwen them. How much does it cost? The baths underwent major renovations in 2011 to modernise their spa facilities. "It was 15 March when we came out here last time, that time we didn't expect the break to be so long," regular of more than 20 years, Jozsef Spekal, told CGTN. Thanks Dear Monika, The spa at the Hotel Gellért is a public bath. Kat. Looking for music and a vibrant night experience in the summer. Most hotels in the spa town will re-open between mid-May and the second week of June, strictly keeping to coronavirus-related rules and regulations, a chief advisor to the mayor told a press conference. Budapest Baths Opening Hours, Tickets – From Spring to Winter. Rudas Thermal Bath. It’s an experience you can’t miss when visiting Budapest. Easy to get to by the subway. The Széchenyi Baths are, by far, the largest and the most visited of the Budapest thermal baths. All of the Baths will be open on the 20th of August, but due to the different events taking place in the city, there might be changes in closing times some of them. when the bath is open from 10 pm Saturday to 3 am Sunday. Budapest's famous Gellert Baths has reopened after six months, just as Hungary's borders were once again closed. The standard tourists recommendation would be to visit Gellart Baths. The thermal baths are also great for soothing sore muscles, improving circulation and fighting inflammation. The traditional summer baths, Római Bath and Pünkösdfürdő Bath open on June 2 and June 15, respectively. The staff is learning customer management skills and English. The spa at the Hotel Gellért is a public bath. yes, in Rudas Bath Tuesdays are the women-only days. The thermal baths are open throughout the year even in winter, including most public and national holidays (though usually with shorter opening hours and not all services are available on these special days): March 15. The Széchenyi complex consists of 18 pools with varying degrees of heat. Gellert Bath is open throughout the Christmas holiday, with the following opening hours: Thank you for your understanding. A Guide to Budapest’s Thermal Baths; A Guide to Budapest’s Thermal Baths. Are the baths in Budapest open in the winter? Király Bath is open: 09.00 – 14.00. thank you for your inquiry.